Microsoft Office On Mobile Combines Word, Excel, And Powerpoint In A Single Application

During its Ignite 2019 conference, Microsoft unveils a new Office application for iOS and Android. While the software giant has had separate versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint available for iOS and Android for years, this new Office application is designed to combine them in one download.

In other words, you can access recent Word documents or even create new PowerPoint presentations while creating Excel tables from your smartphone with a single application. For some more traditional Office users, this could be confusing because everything, including all Office files and features, is put in one basket. But, that’s exactly what Microsoft is trying to argue. The new Office app for mobile attempts to imagine what a productivity office suite would be like if it had been designed with mobile in mind.

The Redmond-based giant has done a great job in combining all the functionality of the various Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications into one Office application. The applications are identical, but they are now in a single application, which is much lighter than the separate applications of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

This new application is now presented as a central hub for Microsoft, which presents all the new functionalities which it has gradually added to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint over the last few months. There is a prominent action section that includes the ability to transfer files from your computer to a smartphone, convert images to text or tables, scan images to PDF, and even scan QR codes.

These were features that were always hidden before, but they will likely be used frequently now that they appear at the top in this Office application. These are also quick and useful tasks that you are more likely to use on a smartphone than on a PC.

A public preview

In addition to this new Office application, Microsoft has unveiled its new Fluent Design version of the Office logo. Microsoft has constantly improved the icons used for a variety of Office applications over the past year, and the new Office logo is a more colorful version of the flat orange icon that the company has used in recent years. It is included in this Office app for iOS and Android, and it will be used elsewhere on and other Microsoft Office apps in the coming months.

If you’re interested in trying this new Office mobile app, Microsoft is launching a public preview today.

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Desktop Apps and More for Your Choices Now

Desktop Apps and More for Your Choices Now

The term app has become very fashionable in recent years, especially with the take-off of the possibilities of mobile devices digital marketing in malaysia. It comes from the English word application. This is, however, a rather misleading term and one that leads to a lot of confusion, because since the birth of computing there have been applications. However, apps refer to a specific field, that of mobile applications and portable tablet-type devices. Simplifying, we continue to call applications for personal computers by their long name, while we use apps in their short form to refer to small applications that are used on devices that are also small.

4 Free Ways to Run Android Apps on Your PC | PCMag

The Other Details

Previously, if you needed to read email, run a program One Search Pro marketing, take a picture, make a phone call etc. you needed a device for each thing. Today a small smartphone, or a tablet, can do at least all these things and much more. As always, to do each of them, the device must have two things: the ability to do it (that is, the hardware that allows it), and a program capable of allowing the device to use this hardware (or whatever it is). Choosing the best apps for desktop is essential there.

The same: software to use it

All devices come with preloaded software called the operating system that serves as a link and translator between the user and the electronic part .of the machine, allowing it to do what the user wants. Apps are generally small programs that allow you to perform very specific functions. It is precisely in this that its importance lies: such versatile devices can perform thousands of functions, and will need thousands of apps to do them. As we can see, the importance of apps has been linked to the importance of the mobile and tablet market. Although most of business computing continues to be localized and ‘fixed’ on personal computers, it is foreseeable that in a few years this trend will reverse, and mobile devices will become the nerve centers of companies and, of course, of the users.

  • There are millions of apps on the internet, both for Apple, Android or Windows platforms. There are complex apps and others that are simply small codes that perform a very specific function. There are business, games, magazines, photography, news, publishing, economics, sports, configurator everything you can imagine, and that has a market niche can be found on the net.
  • These mobile e-commerce programs have proven their effectiveness in companies that offer products and services outside the digital world. In this way, income is diversified, a broader number of consumers are reached and regular customers are acquired.

What are Desktop Web Apps? - Ascendle


The apps can come pre-installed on the device (then called integrated apps), however it is more common to download them from the internet. There are large stores on the Internet (called ‘stores’) from where you can see a general list or by categories of existing apps and then download them, either on payment or for free, depending on the type of application. The largest stores are Apple’s Android Market and App Store, each with applications for its platform.

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Get ideas through flyers and avail help for babysitting 

Get ideas through flyers and avail help for babysitting 

When babysitting is bothering you more, and you are worried about making things easier and better without breaking the bank space saving convertible car seats, many ideas can work for you. You can look out for the best help from flyers for babysitting and get superb ideas that can work in your favour. There are many ways to get attention and make them work in your favour right away. 

Babysitting Flyer Template That are Amazingly Cute and Attractive - iBuzzle

Getting the best effective help with babysitting flyers 

In these times, when finding ideas for marketing is very important to flourish. For products, events and other things, there are effective ways to opt for. You can get desired help from flyers when it comes to babysitting, which might prove useful for sure. You can lookout for the right help from babysitting flyers which can dramatically give the best and effective results that you have been looking for. You can explore amazing ideas and give them a personalized look, which makes them a highly recommended option these days. You can easily make your babysitting flyer and can get phenomenal help.

Babysitting Flyer Template That are Amazingly Cute and Attractive - iBuzzle

Guide to buy a doll stroller for a little princess!

A baby stroller is an essential gear for your little one and the parents, of course.  It becomes direly important to choose the right product to give princess comfort and the best of care easily. It is no less than bait as you can easily carry the baby without much hassle, but it becomes important to choose the stroller that is high on both comfort and safety. With a comfortable stroller, you can easily provide a luxurious and comfortable carriage even on the go. It is important to provide your baby comfort so that the baby gets comfort that of a baby cot.

Today, one can easily find numerous types of baby doll stroller available in the market, but one should keep in mind that it becomes important to choose precisely according to the need. Most new parents are not familiar with the nuance of buying the right stroller; therefore, here we bring you some of the checkpoints that you need to keep in mind while selecting the baby stroller.

 Things to keep in mind when buying the baby stroller!

The best is to buy according to the baby’s age, although you can easily try hands on the big, best is to choose the one that is more comfortable and safe as well. Pink and blue are the most common colour used in a baby shower, but one can also go for red, orange, purple or green, given their party a unique look.  Quality of staff is also of paramount importance; therefore, one must not overlook the safety factor to get quality stuff.

If you wonder about the best ideas for making babysitting the best, then flyers can prove useful. You can use the flyers that are not just easy but also very effective and are worth considering for many. From designs to many other things, you can give a cheap and personalized look that is amazing. 

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Is online gambling gets new upset in the industry?

Because of the presentation of online casinos, it has acquired plenty of changes in the casino business. Many land-based casinos are attempting to begin their casino sites. It encourages them to hold their customers who frequently play at their casinos. By offering better types of assistance will assist them with expanding the profit from the casino sites

It is a unique path for casino proprietors to gain a ton of cash. By offering improved types of assistance helps the casino sites help them to maintain a strategic distance from any issues. When you look at everything at the casino site, it will assist you in deciding all the things and play your favorite casino game. 

Games become intriguing 

One reason why the casino sites are turning out to be so well known is that the games are additionally intriguing. It’s not that there is something else than the casino games. However, you can access every one of these games. It implies that you won’t need to wait for a ton, which improves it for the casino players. 

Attempt various sort of games 

At the casino site, you can evaluate different sorts of things. It implies that if you get exhausted from a solitary game, at that point, you can attempt some other game. The decisions are quite wide, and you won’t need to stress overplaying a similar game over and over. 

Add cash to wallet 

At the point when you are playing utilizing your genuine cash, you won’t need to stress over any security issues. The casino sites will offer you secure installment choices so you can appreciate playing the game. You can include more cash at whatever point you are out of it. 

Play game all over the place 

You won’t need to stress over limitations when playing at the online casino. It is because you can mess around at whatever point you feel like it. It will assist you with getting a charge out of casino games without issues. 

Try not to waste cash 

One of the principal reasons why numerous casino players lean toward casino sites is because they don’t need to travel a ton. At the point when you go to a casino, you may need to make a trip a great deal to visit them. It can be quite tedious, and you probably won’t feel adequate to play live casino games. Thus, if you need to evade any issues with voyaging, you can undoubtedly take the assistance of casino sites and play from anyplace on the planet. 

If you love sports betting, you can undoubtedly attempt วิธี เล่น คา สิ โน สด at the online casino. There are different kinds of betting alternatives accessible at the casino site. When you check every one of them, you can undoubtedly choose which sort of game you need to wager on. It is basic that you initially get all the subtleties so you can put down your wagers relying on the insights of the game. It will assist you with diminishing the odds of losing the wager.

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Prefer the best conference system in Malaysia Asia

Prefer the best conference system in Malaysia/Asia

For business meetings, conference systems must have quality audio visual company in Malaysia sound effects. Audio and video conferencing is the most important one for communicating with guests and employees. There are many audio and video conferencing techniques that are allowed to meet the users’ requirements. Single users can have benefited by utilizing the sound equipment for the conferencing solution. You can conduct conferences by having decent sound quality and components. You must prefer the best quality system for meetings and others.

Importance of best conference system in Malaysia/Asia

However, there is plenty of businesses that render video conferencing system setups. Most of the business owners could able to share their information by communicating with conference systems. It can just install the software and able to communicate well. These need to plunge into various technologies in the multimedia world to keep up only the audio setups. Besides, this is the most extraordinary service in the market strategies. You can get a best conference system to conduct meetings in more engaging manner.

Update professional development

The best conference system in Malaysia/Asia provides the necessary solution for the conferencing tool to develop the communication well. Hence, professional development will have the criteria for choosing the best audio setups for the development programs. These tools allow businesses to transform the workshop or do the training demos into library functions. It can undergo any reference and be connecting with any time. To experience the business world, this will be essential for the telecommunication solution.

Higher performance

These are the beautiful products for the perfect face for meeting the experience with the audio world. It can deliver unlimited performance in your workplace. It can also integrate with the communication environment to cater to the experience with learning programs and careers. Additional modules are offered to optimize the audio or video conferences using satellite. It is more economical and ensures the institutes of the same quality.

Ahead in video conferencing

However, the conference system offers the exact results for the communication field. They can make such development of the products that are provided for web-based and other works. It can assist users in using useful contacts as well as room settings. You can have a single click to have face to face communication with the help of a mouse. However, it can force to have a user interface and directory for containing complete discussion. It can also cater to a conferencing system for educational and business institutes.

Low price and quality

Hence, the video conferencing AV Discovery Malaysia consults provide easy for use, simple, efficient, and affordable manner. Several industries are rendering the help of these products and are satisfied with their quality performance. You can also use these products to fulfill your business goals, reduce tasks, and all operational costs. Now, the use of video conferencing software is increasing and become famous. It can reduce the cost of traveling and associated with board meetings. It can also implement throughout the nation and be used by all users. Hence, your business will enhance the conferencing tools to improve the business.

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Microsoft Excel: How To Insert Spreadsheet Data From A Photo

A lot of time has just been saved for professionals who love Excel software 3win2u. Thank you, Microsoft!

Good news for active Microsoft Excel users! From now on, you will no longer need to manually enter an Excel table if it is on a photo or printed document. With the new functionality “Insert Data From Picture” that the American giant has just announced, a simple photograph of the document is enough to insert the data on a spreadsheet.

A new feature that will please professionals

Manually entering data into an Excel file can quickly become tiresome and boring, especially if you are on a mobile device such as an Android smartphone. Fortunately, Microsoft has decided to make it easier for its users! From now on, you will be able to “take a photo of a data table printed with your Android device and convert this analog information into an Excel spreadsheet with one click.” Clever, isn’t it? And this function will also allow professionals to save a lot of time compared to manual entry.

But by the way, how did Microsoft make this functionality possible? Well, the computer giant has used artificial intelligence and computer vision, technologies that are very popular these days, and that allows you to achieve real feats. In a short time, you will be able to take advantage of this new feature on your smartphone. It should be offered with the next update to Microsoft’s office suite for Android. Obviously, it will initially only be available in preview.

Furthermore, this is not the new AI functionality that Microsoft has added to its Excel application. The American firm also offers “Ideas,” a new function that allows Excel to suggest actions depending on the task performed. These can be presentation suggestions, spreadsheets, or even document production. A novelty which is also very interesting for professionals.

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CRM Excel: Which CRM Should I Choose As A Replacement for Excel?

Excel is a great tool for so many different tasks. But for lead management, it has its limitations. We consider CRM as a replacement for Excel and which one you should choose.

First, applause to Excel. The software, created by Microsoft, is one of the most widely used programs in the workplace. From charting to data entry, it covers a wide range of areas and is the consulting software for many companies.

Startups and small businesses even use it to manage their sales opportunities. At first, Excel works like a charm. It is an easy and effective way to create leads in a spreadsheet and follow its conversion process.

There is no denying its power as a multitasking software service. If you are looking for a job, knowledge of Excel is a prerequisite. But does that mean it is the software solution for all your sales needs? After all, it is not called CRM Excel. Ultimately, it is a spreadsheet.

Familiarity Punishes Contempt

One of the main advantages of Excel is its ease of use. Everyone can become familiar with the software; there is no steep learning curve to master the basics. That means that any onboarding process that includes Excel does not need to be lengthy.

Most people learn the basics of Excel while at school or university. They are comfortable with the software when they move to the workplace. In terms of sales, it’s easy enough to create a basic structure, add leads, and include information about them.


The software works well for some sales here and there. But as a definitive process for moving leads through a pipeline, you’re in trouble. Certain actions that are important to sellers are not included in Excel.

It is not centralized to your process. Yes, Excel works to manage some leads, but when you need to keep track of several at the same time, among multiple staff, the software has notable shortcomings. That is because he is not specialized in sales.

Creating any type of notification or reminder is also not an easy process. Sales reps must juggle multiple leads at once, and having a notification system to remind them of meetings and calls is vital. It’s easy for reps to add their leads to Excel, only to lose sight of them once other meetings and tasks take precedence as they spend more time trying to set notifications.

Customized and Specialized Software as a Replacement for Excel

In 2019, the responsibility lay in software dedicated to solving specific pain points. Excel has many advantages, but its ability to multitask can work against you. We live in a plug-and-play culture where various software solutions seamlessly integrate with each other.

The benefit points to cheaper software and consumers who only pay for what they need. From a technical point of view, it is easier to manage. The need for internal technology teams to more or less solve problems becomes redundant.

Once your company has reached a constant growth stage, you will need a system designed specifically for sales. It is not generic and only works when you are taking those first steps in the business world.

You don’t need a CRM.

You have decided that your company has outperformed Excel. What follows is a solution that suits your needs. Many companies transition from Excel directly to customer relationship management (CRM).

While CRM software can manage leads, like Excel, it is not specialized. Moving to a CRM is a bit like running before you can walk. The software is better designed to serve customers rather than acquiring new ones.

Sellers do not enjoy using CRM software due to their reliance on large amounts of data input. If you choose a CRM, don’t be surprised to see your sales revert back to Excel, as they think it’s easier and much more practical.

When the time comes to move to a new system, the smoothest transitions are to other software that focuses on simplicity. Don’t give your commercials something that is complicated – the jump will be too far, and they are unlikely to use it.

Leads Management Software as an Excel Replacement

Startups and SMEs are better off turning to lead management software. It is designed with sellers in mind, so they are more encouraged to use it. The reason: Because it keeps things simple and always focuses on the next action.

As a marketer, you need to know what the next action is, so having a tool that easily manages multiple leads at the same time is essential. In this way, both managers and representatives have clear visibility on what action should be taken. The chances of losing important clients are significantly reduced.

Most lead management software is now SaaS (software as a service), which means it is easily accessible, and teams and managers have access to the entire channel. You also don’t have to pay for a year of use upfront.

It is a case of trying it for free, then, if you like the service, pay monthly. SaaS software also features a mobile app so that data can be accessed from anywhere, which is necessary due to the importance of reps spending time in the field. Representatives can respond literally on the go.

Just think of this as a continuation of your initial Excel spreadsheets, only it’s a system designed specifically for lead management, and it’s centralized for the sales process.

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How to add Facebook Ads Manager to Excel?

Facebook has been offering the integration of Facebook Ads Manager with Excel for a few months now. Indeed, many community managers largely prefer to use Excel rather than Facebook Ads Manager, which is sometimes considered complicated to use. Learn how to export the performance of your Facebook ads to Excel.

Why use Excel rather than Ad Manager?

Community managers are often required to manage several advertising accounts. Thanks to Microsoft Excel 2016 and the Facebook plug-in, it takes just a few clicks to extract data from several Facebook Ads accounts and campaigns in order to analyze the data and produce precise reports.

The objective? Create reports, charts, and PivotTables in no time to track campaign progress! Most? You will no longer have to go to the advertising manager to consult the advertising results. It is possible to refresh the data every 15 minutes for more precision. However, we advise you to update the reporting data, for example, once a week or every two weeks. This will allow you to have reliable data at regular intervals.

Thanks to this plug-in, you will be able to quickly and simply visualize the data according to certain criteria such as demographic criteria, actions carried out on advertising, reach, cost … You can thus create and save report templates or use templates predefined by Facebook.

Notice to fans of the office suite; this feature will undoubtedly facilitate their reporting while optimizing their working time! In addition, Facebook is currently preparing an update to create advertisements and manage certain parameters directly from the plug-in.

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