How to add Facebook Ads Manager to Excel?

Facebook has been offering the integration of Facebook Ads Manager with Excel for a few months now. Indeed, many community managers largely prefer to use Excel rather than Facebook Ads Manager, which is sometimes considered complicated to use. Learn how to export the performance of your Facebook ads to Excel.

Why use Excel rather than Ad Manager?

Community managers are often required to manage several advertising accounts. Thanks to Microsoft Excel 2016 and the Facebook plug-in, it takes just a few clicks to extract data from several Facebook Ads accounts and campaigns in order to analyze the data and produce precise reports.

The objective? Create reports, charts, and PivotTables in no time to track campaign progress! Most? You will no longer have to go to the advertising manager to consult the advertising results. It is possible to refresh the data every 15 minutes for more precision. However, we advise you to update the reporting data, for example, once a week or every two weeks. This will allow you to have reliable data at regular intervals.

Thanks to this plug-in, you will be able to quickly and simply visualize the data according to certain criteria such as demographic criteria, actions carried out on advertising, reach, cost … You can thus create and save report templates or use templates predefined by Facebook.

Notice to fans of the office suite; this feature will undoubtedly facilitate their reporting while optimizing their working time! In addition, Facebook is currently preparing an update to create advertisements and manage certain parameters directly from the plug-in.

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