Microsoft Excel: How To Insert Spreadsheet Data From A Photo

A lot of time has just been saved for professionals who love Excel software 3win2u. Thank you, Microsoft!

Good news for active Microsoft Excel users! From now on, you will no longer need to manually enter an Excel table if it is on a photo or printed document. With the new functionality “Insert Data From Picture” that the American giant has just announced, a simple photograph of the document is enough to insert the data on a spreadsheet.

A new feature that will please professionals

Manually entering data into an Excel file can quickly become tiresome and boring, especially if you are on a mobile device such as an Android smartphone. Fortunately, Microsoft has decided to make it easier for its users! From now on, you will be able to “take a photo of a data table printed with your Android device and convert this analog information into an Excel spreadsheet with one click.” Clever, isn’t it? And this function will also allow professionals to save a lot of time compared to manual entry.

But by the way, how did Microsoft make this functionality possible? Well, the computer giant has used artificial intelligence and computer vision, technologies that are very popular these days, and that allows you to achieve real feats. In a short time, you will be able to take advantage of this new feature on your smartphone. It should be offered with the next update to Microsoft’s office suite for Android. Obviously, it will initially only be available in preview.

Furthermore, this is not the new AI functionality that Microsoft has added to its Excel application. The American firm also offers “Ideas,” a new function that allows Excel to suggest actions depending on the task performed. These can be presentation suggestions, spreadsheets, or even document production. A novelty which is also very interesting for professionals.